Interested in joining the Board or becoming a Programme Director?PWI Brussels offers a warm and safe environment to its members, and can be a great way to make new friends. Volunteering for an association can also expand your skills and experience, which can make your CV more attractive to future employers.

PWI Brussels offers a warm and safe environment to its members, and can be a great way to make new friends. Volunteering for an association can also expand your skills and experience, which can make your CV more attractive to future employers.

Board / Executive Committee Members and Programme Directors are expected to commit the necessary time and to attend events for which they are responsible. Please ensure that you are able to do this in order to support the other team members.

Elections to Board and Programme Director positions are held once a year at the AGM, usually in April or May. The last Board was elected in May 2017, so the next Board is due to be elected in May 2019. In the case of resignations or other changes, an opportunity may arise within the Board term. 

If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer meanwhile, there are many opportunities to get involved ranging from formal positions on committees all year round, to helping out at individual events or offering an hour or two of your professional skills (marketing, communication, analytics, events, customer service measurement, etc.) on a specific project. 


How to Volunteer

For more information, please contact or the relevant Board or Executive Committee member or Programme Director to ask how you can get involved. Current vacancies are advertised below.

Please note that we ask all volunteers to join as members and sign a contract to confirm that you agree to work for the association in an unpaid capacity, although we may reimburse certain expenses if pre-approved by the Treasurer.

If you are representing the association externally, we ask you to agree to report back at our meetings and in writing as to what you have done in our name.

We look forward to working with you in the near future!


Current volunteer roles

Events Team:

Main tasks:

  • Sourcing speakers
  • Coordinating our speakers programme
  • Venue Management (sourcing and coordinating with the venue A to Z)
  • On site management of the event on the day of the event
  • Marketing of event through posting on our website
  • Coordinating invitations to promote on social media
  • Event follow up connecting with members post event for feedback and non members to convert to members
  • Event analytics statistics and event administration (preparing badges, attendee list, satisfaction surveys).

Team members are asked to commit to attending at least six PWI Brussels events in the year to ensure the event quality standards are met, and to participate in monthly event meetings either face to face or online. 


Finance & Legal Team 

The Finance and Legal Team assists the Treasurer in chasing invoices; analysing programme, event and membership figures; break down the budget into individual areas for teams and programmes; design improved reporting back to the Board and to members and suggest other improvements: and help with sponsorship and fund raising.  

The legal aspects include: ensuring compliance with Belgian association laws; data protection rules; reviewing volunteer, speaker, corporate partner and other contracts; reviewing IP opportunities; looking at association best practice on finance and governance and suggesting improvements to current practices. 


Membership Team

Main tasks: 

  • Implementing membership strategy and suggesting improvements to attract new members
  • Ensuring member retention 
  • Designing follow up with targets
  • Designing member satisfaction surveys
  • Updating membership materials
  • Analysing membership statistics and trends
  • Preparing annual report on membership
  • Liaison with marketing & communications and events teams
  • Adding members to database
  • Liaison with Treasurer on membership payments
  • Improving analysis and reporting of membership data
  • Bringing PWI Brussels in line with association best practice. 


Communications & Marketing Team

These are exciting times in which we are re-building PWI Brussels' marketing offers. We have several roles open within the marketing team and are looking for you to lead our efforts! Learn more about open opportunities here.

We are also always looking for engaged social media bees to let professional women in Brussels and beyond know about our events and programmes! There are various role open in our social media team and we are also looking for someone with great graphic design skills too! Learn more about open opportunities here.

Contact and apply to:

PWI Brussels Programmes:

Mentoring Team

The Mentoring Programme is one of the “shining stars” of our network at PWI Brussels and PWN Global. One of our key missions is to encourage mentoring among members and to encourage members to seek out mentors both within and outside their companies. It’s a valuable investment programme to provide additional guidance. Our formal programme helps women establish senior-level connections that can speed up careers.

We are looking for an experienced, motivated and organised volunteer to join our Mentoring Team. She would be managing the daily running of the Mentoring Programme and assisting our Mentoring Director. The role is in a multicultural and HR soft skills environment and requires someone who can work independently and with a positive “can do” attitude. 


Women Entrepreneurship Team

The Programme aims to serve the needs of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs-to-be and intrapreneurs (those within larger companies) by providing information, educational events and mentoring, as well as networking in a safe environment.

We are currently seeking new team members with skills in social media, event management, marketing, relevant technical skills (e.g. legal, finance, trade, negotiation, sales), developing links with other organisations involved in entrepreneurship, in order to help us provide relevant information by way of useful links from our website, and / or interesting developments on social media, to organise events by finding speakers, venues, sponsors that would agree to host an event, and to monitor member interest and satisfaction.


Each team will be requested to attend monthly internal meetings, but if the team rotates its participation, this could be once every few months for the individuals. In addition, each team will meet regularly. Please check with the relevant team leaders for more details as to how that team is organised. We would also ask that you attend some PWI events, such as networkings, speaker events, etc. 

If you are interested in being part of one of these dynamic, supportive and fun teams, please send an email to the relevant address above outlining your motivation.

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