Association Governance

PWI Brussels is an asbl-vzw (not-for-profit association) governed by Belgian law. Our constitutional documents are filed with the Moniteur Belge. Our ASBL registration number is 0891 951 424.

For a copy of our articles of association, please see either the original French or its English translation. Please note that, in the event of any divergence, the French version shall prevail.

We are a member of PWN Global, a not-for-profit association registered in France. The PWN Global constitutional documents can be accessed via the PWN Global website. 

We hold an annual general meeting, usually in May, at which the Board and various members of the Executive Committee are elected by the voting members for 2 years. The Board must include at least the President and Treasurer, but other roles may change from year to year.

Please note that the next AGM will be held in May 2019 to approve the 2018 reports and accounts. 

Anyone interested in a position is encouraged to contact the current position holder for more information about the role. Or if you are interested in a role which does not yet exist, why not put forward your own suggestions?!

For more details, please see the Volunteer section.

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