Call for Mentors, Mentoring Program 2021 - 2021 

Dear PWI Members and Friends,

The new wave of PWI Brussels Mentoring Program will kick off in October 2021!

If you recognize yourself in the below description, we would like to invite you to become a Mentor with PWI Brussels.

Are you interested in:

  • Engaging in a rewarding experience by investing in the future growth and development of a mentee?
  • Enhancing your mentoring experience through the use of the PWI programme structure to reach expected results?
  • Sharing your wisdom,experience and perspective with a mentee who has less expertise?
  • Supporting mentees on how to build skills, qualities and confidence for career advancement?
  • Gaining insight in to the challenges of mentees outside of their own professional network?

Both women and men from various backgrounds, both profit and not-for-profit sector can become a PWI Mentor.

Read our Mentoring Programme Description to find out more about the setup of the program.

If you are considering becoming a mentor and would like more information to guide your decision, please contact usand we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

If you are already on board and already decided to invest in the growth and success of our mentees, please contact us by September 26th, expressing the reasons for your interest together with an up-to-date CV. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Mentoring Team, PWI Brussels

Mentoring upcoming events

Upcoming events in Mentoring

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Past events

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14 Oct 2021 PWI Mentoring Programme 2021-2022 - Speed Dating Event
22 Jun 2021 Celebration Mentoring Wave 2020-2021
25 Mar 2021 PWI Mentoring Event: Understanding your impact as a Leader - VIRTUAL SESSION
15 Oct 2020 PWI Mentoring Programme WAVE 2020-2021 - Kick-off Event
01 Oct 2020 PWI Mentoring Programme 2020-2021 - Speed Dating Event
18 Jun 2020 Celebration Mentoring Wave 2019-2020
04 May 2020 PWI Mentoring Event : Strengthen the leader in you starting from your unique talents - VIRTUAL SESSION
16 Oct 2019 PWI Mentoring Programme WAVE 2019-2020 - Kick-off Event
26 Sep 2019 PWI Mentoring Programme 2019-2020 - Speed Dating Event
06 Jun 2019 Celebration Mentoring Wave 2018-2019
04 Apr 2019 Workshop: Values-Based Leadership
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18 Jan 2018 Launch of 2018 Mentoring Programme
24 Nov 2017 PWI Mentoring Wave 2018: Applications Open
14 Mar 2017 PWI Mentoring Event
15 Nov 2016 PWI Mentoring Event
22 Sep 2016 ME-TOTEM Event
10 May 2016 Mentoring - an organizational competitive advantage
09 Feb 2016 PWI Mentoring Event
26 May 2015 PWI Mentoring: 2015 First Wave Kick-off
23 Apr 2015 PWI Mentoring: 2015 Special event for Mentors
02 Dec 2014 PWI Mentoring: 2014 Second Wave Kick-off
12 Jun 2014 PWI Mentoring: new Wave Kick-off
08 May 2014 Be a Mentor with PWI
21 Nov 2013 PWI Mentoring- new Wave Kick-off
04 Jun 2013 PWI Mentoring- new Wave Kick-off
13 Nov 2012 PWI Mentoring- Second Wave Kick-off
12 Oct 2011 PWI presents its mentoring program

Rue Abbé Cuypers 3, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

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