Millennia2015, An action plan for women's empowerment, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, Mon 3 & Tues 4 Dec 12 - your input by Nov 17

07 Nov 2012 12:52 | Beverley Sinton (Administrator)
This International Conference is organized by The Destree Institute with the patronage of the UNESCO.

The conference is in full preparation and the deadline approaches: so far they have 243 registered participants at the international conference, 1.020 members of the Think Tank, 2.886 global members and 9.461 contacts.

This process is developing since 2007 with the several steps including 
 formulation of the Millennia2015 7 macro issues : :

Macro Issue-1. How to make women and girls more autonomous, through access to education, training and resources, while guaranteeing the conditions for genuine social and political success, to value their skills in the framework of a shared leadership between women and men?


MI-2. How to change mentalities to put an end to gender discrimination and change the traditions, in order to eradicate all forms of violence against women and girls, while specifically mobilizing men and boys?


MI-3. How to restore women's self-confidence and esteem, raise their awareness about their potential, their abilities and their vital role as managers of life, actors of development, mediators for peace and architects of futures?


MI-4. How to train, enhance and fund health care providers, particularly women, to offer appropriate medical care to women and children, in real time and in their own language, while using scientific resources and adequate technologies for remote health consultation as well as in health structures?


MI-5. How to conceive and carry out innovative societal transformations in order to achieve equality between women and men, indispensable for common progress and human harmony?


MI-6. How to combine equitably the added value of women in economic, scientific and political decision-making, and political scientists in order to found an inclusive multicultural society more balanced and responsible for the future?


MI-7. How to structure and effectively relay the strategies of the Millennia2015 communities to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and implement sustainable partnerships?


=> your action right now:


9. Formulation of the desirable futures and of the values we want to achieve by 2025:
write your ideal answers to the questions raised by the issues.


Feel free to choose the issues that challenge you the most: either from the 7 macro issues listed above, 

or from the 231 issues raised by the Think Tank

Your answers will enable us to draft the vision of the Millennia2015 community.


Thank you to send your answers before the 17 November (


This will help to finalize the vision and to identify some axes and strategic actions before the meeting at UNESCO in Paris.


To find out more about Millenia and Marie-Anne Delahaut, you can read the interview in the latest copy of the PWI Magazine

To register for the conference: admission is free but registration compulsory, thank you for your cooperation:

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