Women Entrepreneurs


We run a programme for women who are:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs-to-be
  • Intrapreneurs (working within a larger company)

Our aim is to provide support via information, education & networking and mentoring. 

As part of our programme, we are organising presentations geared towards established, and potential, Entrepreneurs. 

The latest report issued by Impulse/Actiris shows that Women's entrepreneurship remains at 30% of Men’s entrepreneurship, even if this rate has increased slowly in the past 10 years. 

Is it due to the economic situation? An absence of support? Lack of confidence? Or a combination of these reasons... Being an entrepreneur requires specific skills: self-confidence, communication, appetite for risk, ability to adapt, resilience…. 

We partner with other associations active in this area, including our sister association PWN Munich, which is offering an online entrepreneurship programme to all PWI members, with Impulse Brussels, the Brussels Enterprise Agency, and with Women in Business

We support the European Commission in its launch of WEgate, a new online platform for women entrepreneurs, with information on mentoring, networking, training, good practices, success stories, news, events and local organisations. 

If you would like to meet other women to discuss common problems and some possible solutions, to meet potential business partners, to create a support network, or to ask for a topic to be discussed, please come to one of our events or send an email to entrepreneurship@pwi.be.

Help Wanted!

We are currently looking for Volunteers for this Programme:

  • New Team Members
You can find more information here.
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